Adjective 1. Suggesting something supernatural; uncanny. "The weird crying of a seal"
2. Very strange, bizarre. "her weird dresses and outrageous hairdos"


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It's like wearing a thousand tiny hugs 🐻

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I'm just a banana in a world full of pumpkins ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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3. A person's destiny.

    "she was unable to control her own weird"


4. Induce a sense of disbelief or alienation

    in someone.

    "unemployment may weird the young

     creative director"

*am poor*

ha ha i need a job

what is purpose


*No humans were actually naked nor crying in the making of this photo.

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5. Madeline Khare


    “Her sense of humor made me question every

     decision I’ve ever made. Especially being a

     professor.” --- Willie Baronet, professor


    "Partly thoughtful and intense and partly crazy fun

     but never a dull moment." --- Dad


    "You are funny so I laugh a lot." --- Mom


    "Bork!" --- Michelle Khare, sister


    "Bork!" --- Titus Khare, dog

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